Previous Activities

Few previous activities of SMS



1. Project Name : WSHG

About : To provide access to sustainable banking services to the poor households in rural hinterlands by formation and nurturing of women SHGs. To converge other development programme aimed at poor women / households through these groups. To promote and support livelihood development programmes for the poor through SHGs .To empower poor women socio-economically through these initiatives.

Supported by: NABARD


2. Project Name: CHIN(Communication for Health, India Network) for CHANGE( Communication for Health, Advocacy for Grass-root Empowerment) 

 About: Every citizen irrespective of her/his identity and social status has the right to enjoy basic and good health facilities. .

Supported by: CAMI through CINI.


3. Project Name: Child Sponsorship

About: To support the children of economically weak and underprivileged families in order to build healthily educated & self reliant youth.

Supported by: Children International through SAHAY. 


4. Project Name : Pulse Polio Eradication and Child Tracking 

About: Work diligently for eradication of Polio, a commonest dreaded locomotor disability. This requires that children upto the age of five years be given the polio vaccine. This drive is carried on a larger scale to enable everyone to avail the services.

Supported By: UNICEF


5. Project Name: Control of Tuberculosis through Community based DOTS 

About:  To break the cycle of spread of the disease by bringing sustainable improvement in Tuberculosis control activities at the community level. 

Supported by: CARE


6. Protect Name: Awareness against HIV/AIDS

About: To generate awareness against HIV/AIDS, ward off misconception about the disease and condom promotion as a protective tool.

Supported by: WB SACS & UNICEF


7.  Project Name: Community Based Disaster Preparedness(CBDP)

 About : To improve the quality of lives of the vulnerable people by strengthening their capacity so as to reduce death and despair losses and damages of infrastructure and assets due to natural calamities like flood, cyclone, tornado etc. 

Supported By: UNICEF and CARITAS


8. Project Name: MNGO-FNGO SCHEME under RCH-II

About:  To promote improved reproductive and child health status of the targeted community. Role of SMS as MNGO is to strengthen the capacity and skill of the FNGOs ensuring maternal health and immunization. It supports monitoring and supervision.  

Supported by:  Minister of Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of India through Govt. of West Bengal.



9. Project Name : Sabar Souchagar Prakalpa

About: Eliminating the practice of open defection. Bring the rural household under the preview of total sanitation through new change strategy , increasing health awareness through which different kinds of water borne and air borne diseases can be reduced and reducing day to day suffering of women under Nirmal Bharat Abhijan. 

Supported by: Govt. Of India .


12. Project Name: We Can 

 About: To aware people on domestic violence against women. The SHG members were trained to campaign against domestic violence and how to stop it.  

Supported by: Oxfam


13. Project name: A campaign to preserve electricity.

About: To create awareness among electricity consumers on how to preserve electricity and addressing the grievances regarding electricity.

Supported by: CUTS-CRC, Calcutta and NORAD. 


14. Project Name: For a change from the below-WBCSSP.

About: To empower the local community by constituting several poor women’s collective in villages in form of SHG structure, link SHG federation with the Govt. delivery system , ensure access of the poor to different govt. services like health education, nutrition, income generation and enhance the capacity of the marginalized people, women in particular for advocacy for sustainable development. 

Support by: DFID, UK  through nodal-PRIA.