Mission of the organization is to create meaningful opportunities targeted at holistic development of local community and its members with special focus on marginalized and underserved women.

Welcome To Sreema Mahila Samity (SMS)

If one can imagine equality for all and a world without gender biasness, if such passion for humane dream becomes profession of one then she can securely identify with Sreema Mahila Samity (SMS) an organization based in the Nadia district, West Bengal, India that had started journey way back in 1972.

It has proved its mettle in the micro-finance, CBDP, health and general welfare activities in improving the quality of life of the community.

SMS leads the way in creating a better environment for the community. It keeps no stone unturned to crush the bewailing misery of people and triumph over it. SMS can stake claim on the basis of the streams of activities that follow which make it stand apart in the sector.

Vision of SMS is to  contribute in building a society where nobody exploits or feel exploited.

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