We Stand part


Today SMS has promoted more than 7500 active Self-help groups in Nadia, Murshidabad & North 24Parganas districts in W.B.


SMS is entrusted to strengthen 3000 groups at Birbhum district promoted by other organisations.

SMS believes, understands and acts as a responsible & active participant in all relevant issues that go in the making of a better society better community. SMS takes extra efforts maintain an optimum balance in various activities and awareness programs and just not believe in serving as a mere MFI.


So besides capacity building of SHGs or micro financing it imparts various trainings on environmental issues, education or health awareness. It raises its voice against gender biasness or fights against malpractices in the community or devises measures to fight HIV-AIDS.It is an organisation with an entire Board of Directors comprising of women.

On its own accord SMS respecting its principles & ethics carry on sensitisation programs on different rights and awareness. SMS believes and practices in taking result oriented programs and has often pursued them to bring a definitive consequence with its own initiative & fund.She has always remained aware and awakened to various gender and other issues imperil to humanity and acted against it. It has strong values far above the ordinary and does not believe in compromising an inch under any state of affairs.

This has rendered an extraordinary appeal in all its activities and fetched applaud and recognition from every relevant sector. But the path is never-ending and SMS needs to take its plunge. To carry on with its mammoth task & goal it needs active cooperation & understanding & contribution from all of you who wants to see tomorrow's world a much better place than today.